Light glows very dimly when off

I have noticed that my light glows very dimly when off in a very dark room. Any cure for this?

Same thing here.

One thing I noticed is that it only happens with my a19s not the br30s

I have this issue. It only happens with my Gen3 BR30s. I don’t have any Gen3 A19s. My other 40 Gen2 BR30s are 100% off.

I submitted a request via support and something like “lights glow when off” was a option. They are sending me new lights.

If you were using the LIFX+ bulbs, I’d ask if you’d had cataract surgery. Up until fairly recently, the artificial lenses used to replace clouded natural ones didn’t block UV, and actually allowed one to see near UV. Indeed, back during WW2, British pensioners who didn’t need cataract surgery volunteered for the procedures so they could serve as nighttime lookouts on the Dover coast and see the UV lights from French Resistance fighters in Calais.

That said, I’ve had that issue myself, but cycling them on and back off (via Echo Dot) fixed it. I haven’t noticed it since.

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Neither I or my wife have “artificial lenses” and we can both see the lights.

Also, the lights are just Gen3 bulbs, not LIFX+.

Yeah, that’s why I said “if”.

From what I understand, the lights never actually turn off, they merely dim to nothing. I guess the circuitry in the base sometimes mistakes “very dim” for “completely dimmed”.

From what you’re saying, it sounds like you’re turning off the light and not just dimming it to the lowest value right?

In that case, maybe it’s either a firmware issue or related to a defective light.

My suggestion is to first try the beta firmware update. If that doesn’t help, then contact LIFX support directly. I’ve found them to be very responsive to requests.

I still have the defective lights, I’ll test them out with the updated firmware.

I’m turning them off. At night when it is dark, my ceiling looks like 8 dimly list circles.