Light group name syncing issue

I am unable to reliably update the group names of my LIFX bulb and have that change reflected via the API.

I am using this endpoint to test:

When I edit the label for a light itself, I see the change reflected immediately. But when I edit the name of the group the light belongs to, I don’t see that change reflected when I refresh this endpoint.

I have tried using the “create a new group” flow outlined here, but that doesn’t change the outcome:

Eventually, some unknown flow to me allows a group name update to go through, but I notice the group ID stays the same, so I don’t believe it is actually creating a new group. Given it happens once every hour or so, is there some caching mechanism or throttling behavior that prevents subsequent updates in a given window?

I am trying to reliably reference groups by their name programmatically and need to be able to ensure group name changes in the app are synced immediately. Any thoughts on how we can achieve this?


If you change the group label, it should change the output of the list request really quickly.

Are you able to send me a DM with your account email so I can see what devices and firmware versions you have?

Sorry for the ignorance but how can I DM you? I don’t see an option on this post, your profile, or my messages page.

Yeah, discourse is a bit annoying with that.

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well that’s strange, the setting to allow it is turned on!

I’ll send you a message :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for working me in private messages.

I have discovered the problem (an oversight in the cloud that was very easy to fix) and the fix is now in production.

Your device has latest fourth gen firmware which means /v1/lights will have the updated name 10 seconds after you make the change.

Do tell me if it still doesn’t work :slight_smile:

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