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I am developing an application (here) that breathes all of a user’s LIFX bulbs when a notification is received. Per user feedback, I would like to allow users to restrict specific lights to specific notifications. For example, if one receives a text message only their family room lights would flash. I have started to implement this and have even pushed an update. However, it seems that my current UI for selecting LIFX bulbs is glitchy. It also doesn’t incorporate groups, only allowing users to select individual lights. I can work out the bugs and enable it to work with groups however I seem to like the selection UI presented in the LIFX Android App. The UI I am referring to appears for things like schedules allowing users to select the lights that will be affected by the schedule. Is there any talk of making this view open source? It would be of great use to me, and I am sure that other developers could use it as well.


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There is currently no plan to open source any part of the official LIFX application. However I’ll see if I can get our Android dev to comment here to explain how it works if they have time.

Hi Brigham,

The target selection dialog inside the Edit Schedule screen uses a ListView with a custom BaseAdapter that maps different entity types (Light, Group, Scene, Location, etc) onto different row layout files in order to display the different icons (Bulb, House) and show different background colors.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response! I will continue to work on my custom view and will consider using a ListView. Kudos, btw, on the Android app! It’s very easy to use and has a beautiful UI :wink:.