Light Strip LAN Protocol

Will there be details soon (or ever) on the LAN protocol associated with the upcoming light strips? I’d really like to get a jump on integrating them with my Music Blitz Android app. I imagine much of the protocol will be the same, but obviously can imagine some potential differences. Is there a plan to release related documentation?

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Also, can this page be updated with the new model codes? products/products.json at master · LIFX/products · GitHub

Yep that is my job for early this week. Poke me if i haven’t done it by Wednesday australia time :slight_smile:

Currently the plan is that the light strip will support all the same messages as the current lights for control of the whole strip at once. We will be releasing the protocol additions that allow control and inspection of individual zones closer to the launch date. Stay tuned.

The same principal applies to the LIFX+, we are keeping as much of the existing protocol as possible and adding extensions for the new features.


You will find that this is now updated. (though dan had to remind me as my reminder didn’t go off)

We have put an announcement thread up for anyone interested in following the generation 3 products from a developer point of view you can find it below.