Light Switch - UK


Apologies if I am bringing up an old issue, but… just wondering what solutions people in the UK have used for light switches with their LIFX bulbs? I have the standard issue where changing the habit of a lifetime with regards to a switch is causing issues so I need something physical there (I have currently only dipped my toes in and only have one bulb). Looked at Flic but there is the issue of needing the device with the app on close and the app always open. Also considered Logitech Pop, but man, over £100 for the starter kit! As said, just wondering what other people have done (preferably without needing to butcher walls :slight_smile:


I haven’t used it, but it appears that Flic has a Linux SDK which works with Raspberry Pi. So you could use an RPi instead of a phone as your always-on device.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately my bulb dropped connection last night, not the first time this has happened and I reckon it has been offline more then on. I may have to give up on the LIFX bulbs unfortunately as no solution seem to fix the connection issues.


I’ve just got my first Lifx bulb for the bedroom. I have it linked onto alexa in there, and it works great. You are right though there needs to be a good solution for switches. Being in the UK as well, the various switch replacements are a problem due to lack of neutral wire in the switch, which would mean a costly rewiring.

The logitech pop looks interesting but you’re going to end up with switches/buttons everywhere. What i’ve thought would be good would be a Pop type button that clips over the current face plate. So the button can be left on underneath, and the pop button essentially replaces it.

It’s all very early adopter territory though at the moment, and there are not any real solutions out there yet it seems.

Hi everyone!

I am at the same state as you are, concerning the fact that Europe has a major problem with how the light switch cables are created since we don’t have the neutral cable. Unfortunately the same problem exists here in Greece. However, I think that there might be a solution with two Xiaomi (zigbee light switch) products that just might give as a cheap yet effective solution. I will have to test them first and report back here.
Please note that the only way I believe that those products can work for now is with an IFTTT skill that will connect the xiaomi switches which report to the xiaomi gateway and the xiaomi gateway through IFTTT with the LIFX bulbs. Since I can’t be sure for now I will need at least 2 month for the switches to arrive, since I have order them today and I will also have to test my thought on this kind of connectivity, prior to reporting here.
F.Y.I. For anyone wanting to go the same road with me, the switches can be found at a very well known Chinese website that starts with the letter “g” and ends with the letter “t”. Until, I have some news, please feel free to post anything new concerning the subject!


I am trying to get a change to the firmware, such that a brief off on the lightswitch toggles the state (on goes off, off goes on). This means the lightswitch allows manual use of the light (rather than being worse than useless- it just disables the lamp…)
The more asking for this, the better chance of getting it. You may not want it, but I bet there are others in your household who do…