Light-Up Security Details

When using the integration of LIFX and Nest that allow you to configure Light-Up Security; can anyone comment on the following:

Random Lights Away & Light Up Activity
q1) If you pick a group, does a single light in the group go on/off?
q1a) When a light in the group goes off, does another light in the group go on/off?
q1b) Does the entire group go on/off?
q1c) How long does the light stay on for?
q2) It seems like you can only control one light, one group or the entire house. Is there anyway to control specific lights?
q2a) If you select the entire house, can you configure this to only work after sunset (turning on lights during the day seems a bit strange)?
Q2b)If you have a schedule to turn lights on from sunset to sunrise, will the Random-Lights away turn the light off or will the light return to the current schedule?

In general, I’m looking for increased control over the schedule, lights and duration for this works with LIFX option.