Lighting in bathrooms


I’m looking to see whether it’s possible to use any of the LIFX light bulbs as recessed lights in a bathroom. Does anyone know what fiture I would look for, I heard that they shouldn’t be enclosed. Does that mean a Color 1000 BR30 in a recessed light fixture is a bad idea?

I would be interested to know if anyone else has attempted this.


My understanding is they were designed for a recessed fitting. When they say enclosed they mean not in a fully enclosed light fitting, recessed fittings are not completely enclosed. You should be just fine with these bulbs in the bathroom as long as it is well ventilated to ensure moisture build up from steam or other isn’t an issue.

Thanks for your reply and confirming about them being recessed.

BR30 are, indeed, designed for use in recessed fixtures. Recessed lighting fixtures still allow airflow around the lamp, so you won’t have any problems. If you were installing them inside of, say, an enclosed flushmount ceiling fixture where there’s no airflow at all, then you’d have problems. Hope it’s working well.

Using BR30 bulbs in a bathroom should be fine. Because they are sealed, it should prevent any moisture getting behind the cover. We don’t recommend that you use the A19 bulbs in a bathroom environment.

Thanks very much for your replies. I have been looking for a light houseing/fixture for BR30 bulbs in the UK but I’m not having any luck. Are there any UK users who know what I would need to look for?

@sevenupcan I had a Lifx Original bulb in a recessed fixture in a steam shower for 4 years with no issues.

Hi @davidwolf . I am currently putting a steam shower into my home and looking at a smart light that is safe to go in there. Seems like there are not many low voltage options. You didn’t have any safety issues with your setup? How did you seal it in? Thanks!

@sevenupcan Did you ever find a fitting?