Lights fell off network, now won't connect

Have three lights in the bedroom, with an access poi t also in the bedroom. Have been working fine for a month, then this morning one quit working with any app. Figured I’d just reset it, so I unscrewed the other two, and reset the bad bulb. When I try to set it up with my Note8 the app crashes my phone and it reboots. When I try to set it up with an iPad it gets all the way to nami g the bulb, then vever goes further. Now all three bulbs won’t work after turning the other two back on. I get the same error with all three bulbs, can’t set the name. Cancel out of the setup and the lights show in the app on the iPad, not on the Note8, but show as disconnected. The other 9 lights in the house are working just fine.
Any ideas? I’ve reset these lights a dozen times today.