Lightsd 1.2 released, slides from Fosdem 2017


lightsd is a small daemon (background service), it kinda brings you the ease of use of the HTTP LIFX API, but locally, using the LAN API. lightsd is working pretty well, and I’m releasing 1.2.1 today which just brings some minor fixes over 1.1.2 I released about a year ago.

I presented the project with a demo of my work last week-end at Fosdem ( Fosdem is a conference held in Europe about free and open-source software; here are my slides: fosdem_2017.pdf. In my demo I was using lightsd and an user-interface written in Python for a programmable buttons array, to control a LIFX bulb. lightsd was directly running on my WiFi router. The slides have a bunch of cool details about everything.

If you’re interested in lightsd check-out the documentation at:

The project is on github at:

Feel free to ask me any question and report any issue here or on github!

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