Linking a physical 'smart' dimmer switch with LIFX lights


I have a Google Home mini and a few LIFX bulbs in my room.
I was wondering if anyone had any experience in using a smart dimmer switch say and connecting that to a LIFX light. For the link listed I believe I would also need a Hue bridge as these lights don’t operate over wifi.

Would be curious if someone else has tried it.


You can only do this through another automation system. I do it by connecting both the Hue and LIFX devices to HomeKit and using HomeKit’s automations.

Much appreciated! I have read that it is possible to do through Apple Homekit. I have an old iPad that I might be able to connect this with. I was curious to see if I could do it with through GoogleHome though.

I don’t use Google Home, unfortunately. Can you create your own custom automations with Google Home? If so, trigger an automation at the press of a Hue button that operates on your LIFX bulbs.

Automation with Google Home works over IFTTT.
Allegedly Hue can connect to IFTTT so could be worth a shot.
Might require a bit of programming on my end.

You’ll want to avoid things like IFTTT because it’s really slow. Way too many round trips to the Internet and back before stuff happens.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) use HomeKit, I suggest looking into something like Home Assisstant instead. You really want to stick with something that works locally so your house continues to respond even if your Internet connection is offline. :slight_smile:

Home Assistant + Conbee II USB stick using Node Red (a HASS addon) is how you’ll do this independently of slow external API services like IFTTT and it’ll work even if you’re external link isn’t up.

Read the HASS forums. I’ve set this automation up alogn with numerous others very easily across Zigbee, Wifi, bluetooth, zwave, RF 433mhz… you name it.

HASS is the glue you need :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I purchased a Conbee II and a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B yesterday so it seems I’m on the right track.

I keep meaning to buy a Conbee (or equivalent) stick for my HASS Pi, but I have the Hue Hub and HomeKit, so haven’t really had a need for it yet. Thanks for the reminder, though.

Yup, +1 on HA and conbee II. I can atest it works wonders conbining the Hue dimmer switch with the LIFX bulbs, response is instant

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