Looking for beta testers

Hey guys,

I am the creator of Home Remote, an app for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OS X that attempts to unify a fair few of the major brands under one umbrella, providing controls from your today screen along with modifiers such as beacons, geofences, schedules and voice control for any actions you can add.

I have implemented LIFX control in to 3.0 but want to get some feedback before I release.

Would anyone care to beta test?

You can see the non-beta build of the app here:

If you would like to beta test, please email me at gary -at- bouncingball dot mobi or use the contact form at http://www.bouncingball.mobi/contact-us/

Just tried to email and check the site but both timed out

Oh blimey, thanks. Will look in to it

Both should be back up now, sorry about that