Lots of bulbs on one network

I have over 50 bulbs/z strips connected and running simultaneously with all of the other things on my network and they seem to work fine. I even tried a “stress test” on the bulbs by issuing many commands and for the most part they worked perfectly. Only when I run custom python scripts with MANY commands sent to the cloud, sometimes a bulb might miss a command.
I’m running a mesh network (3 eeros with a hard wired backhaul) and am fairly happy with the performance of the bulbs.

Curious what you mean here as well. Do you mean that you used the MAC addresses to have the DHCP server give them a consistent address or is there a way to actually configure the bulbs address?

You can’t configure the bulb itself to have a static ip address, but if your router supports it you can create a static map on the router to only provide a defined IP address to a specific bulb.

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Right, so what I said above. DHCP with MAC address mapping to specific IP address. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have them all connect via DHCP. What are you looking to do?

Instead of setting up hidden SSIDs, I set the min RSSI to the limit of -67dB in UniFi. Seems like that more-intelligently puts lights on the right APs.

The default RSSI is -94dB in Unifi, right? I had custom settings until the new cloud key update came out a few months ago. I thought the fact that I had to enable the setting in advance settings had turned off my min RSSI since I had not enabled it, however I just reset my APs to factory default to test something and I am having a few issues here and there. I wonder if I was still at the custom min RSSI and didn’t know it. Will update this week or next. I have some new Unifi hardware coming so I have to redo everythings.

I set mine to -67dB on the 2.4GHz. The default min is -94dB, but this wouldn’t change anything as all access points were getting -80dB RSSI or higher.

On 5GHz, I set it to -75dB since that assisted with access point roaming and preventing me from getting kicked off too often when I still had a decent signal.

I have 4 access points in my house and will be adding a 5th for better device distribution so a tighter min RSSI will be even more important. Thinking about it now, I’m wondering if buying another UniFi AP-AC-HD would’ve been better than an AP-AC-PRO because it can support more than twice the number of devices and should cut down on the required number of access points.