Low-latency touch event stream?

Hi, I’m new to the dev forums here.

I recently decided to build a pair of bed lamps out of LED tiles. As usual, this one-day project expanded a bit. I started with the the Nanoleaf Canvas tiles. Their gesture support (via the REST API) is pretty awful, but they do provide a low-latency UDP interface that I’ve been taking advantage of, from which one can consistently recover the panelID of a touch event. Is there a touch event stream interface for the Lifx tiles? I would be happy even with simple “tap” events, especially if they contained the tile ID.

Also, for future firmware development, let me mention an important feature for touch: Immediate visual feedback. The best would be in the form of a “ripple” effect that propagates to neighboring tiles. The cool thing about this effect (implemented in firmware w/very low latency) is that it tricks the brain into interpreting higher-latency responses (< 500ms, say) as immediate. Thus I can send a signal to my server and have it perform an action, and that action feels essentially instantaneous because of the immediate visual feedback.

OK, I see that touches are detected via accelerometer. Cute, if not as exciting as I thought.


Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to subscribe to touch events on the tiles.

Yes, ability does seem to be a limiting factor in most aspects of Lifx.