Lowering Kelvin value of a light using HTTP API

Hello, I use my Zipatile domotica to change the Brightness and Kelvin values of my lamps. This works great using the API except for 1 thing: lowering the Kelvin value using the API REST delta command. It seems the Kelvin value is not allowed to be negative anymore. I’m sure this worked before. Is this a bug?
Using the HTTP API page I get the following error when using -500 as a delta value for Kelvin:
“error”: “kelvin does not have a valid value”,
“errors”: [
“field”: “kelvin”,
“message”: [
“does not have a valid value”
What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? Negative values still work for Brightness.

That does sound like a bug, we’ll look into it.


I have just released a fix to this bug!

Let us know if it doesn’t work (or if it does! :slight_smile:)

Hi Delfick,

it works now like it should, thanks for squashing this bug!


Awesome, you’re welcome!