Lumens difference

I was just checking out the US version of the Lifx site the other day and i noticed that the Colour Minis there have 1000 lumens as opposed to 800. Is this a mistake or is this a new version of Color Mini? Is this is the case, are they coming to Europe anytime soon?


You’re right that the US website and AU websites show different lumens for our new LIFX Color range. In this case it’s the US that has 800 Lumen and everywhere else is 1000 Lumens. This is because they are slightly different in these regions and tested under different certification rules. We aim to increase the lumens of our US range to be consistent with other regions in 2021.

The new LIFX Color range will be launched later this year in EU and UK. This product will replace the current generation Mini Colour.

Yes sorry, it is actually the Australian site that has more lumens. Are the increased lumens coming to EU as well? What exactly are the differences between the old and new LIFX Color range?

Yeap, they’ll be coming to the EU. The difference is some minor hardware upgrades (including the more lumens) and branding :slight_smile: