Matching ambient outdoor color temperature in Kelvin

I’m integrating some LIFX bulbs into a glass enclosed porch and looking for a way to measure and match the current color of the sun/outdoor ambient light perfectly.

I’m not concerned with turning on/off during sunrise/sunset, I’d just like the bulbs to create a sense of harmony between the indoor and outdoor spaces whenever I do turn them on.

The closest thing I can think of so far is to download a color meter app and run it on an old iPhone then feed that value in Kelvin to the LIFX app.

Is there a connected color meter I’ve overlooked, or some other light sensor I’m not considering? Is there a weather service that tracks current K value of outdoor light?


For a particular location, you really only need to take the measurement once. The color temperature of the sun is going to be the same everyday given the same offset from sunrise/sunset. So if you measure a particular color temperature 30 minutes before sunset, it should always be the same color temperature 30 minutes before sunset.

You can even use the schedule function with durations and sunset offsets to automate the process according to your measurements.

The ambient light color will change, though, given the position of the sun in the sky, and weather conditions. Light color/temp at the ground will be different at noon on a cloudy day (>5000K) than at sunset on a clear day (<3000K).

There are some light sensors that work with Raspberry PIs or Arduino boards that you might be able to use to calculate an average. Maybe something like would work.

Did you manage to find a solution to this? Would be interested to do the same.

Would be very interested in a working solution to this. Run a BUNCH of lifx bulbs off homeseer and would love to be able to get this effect inside our house.