Max number of lifx bulbs on network

So I want to get 30 bulbs but I don’t know if it’s going to work with my current router a linksys wrt1900ac with the ExpressVPN software installed.
I would also like to connect to the same router my 2 Apple TV, my Xbox one and a smartthings hub.
Does anyone know if it would work or which repeaters or routers work best.

that is beyond most router limits but you should investigate your own. Ubiquiti seems to have some good units that will support more bulbs or you will need a 2nd router. As they are 2.4g you don’t need anything special so just another access point will be fine.

Thanks for your answer.
I currently have a 2 router but I think I’m going to buy a 3 router to connect the unifi ac pro as well as a unifi security gateway, do you know if the work with lifx or if they could work with that many bulbs?

Those 2 routers should be fine really they will cover your needs, no idea if they will work but can’t see why not, Unify makes an excellent product but you would need to google the specs.

Good luck

I have 35 bulbs and 3 z strips. Previously I had an Asus RT-AC3200. Bulbs would randomly get kicked off the network. my laptop, nest, ring doorbell, and withings scale would get kicked off randomly. I assumed the radio couldn’t handle this many wifi devices so I switched to enterprise hardware. I installed a Cisco CAP-3600E Access point in the center of my house, disabled wireless on tha RT-AC3200 and only use it for DHCP and routing services. I’ve been running this configuration for over a month and haven’t had a problem.

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I have over 50 bulbs now on a mesh network (eero) and they seem to work fine. I also have other stuff on the same network.