Microsoft Powerautomate and LIFX connector

Im no DEV bu here goes:
I’m using Microsoft Powerautomate and the LIFX connector.
Would it be possible to enter custom data in the “Lights” box in Powerautomate, e.g. group_id:dd69e80157fee9a383a01b6b33e0ecf6 (Please find screenshot attached)

The goal would to control a Beam system and I would like to controle the zones.
So I would like to enter group_id:dd69e80157fee9a383a01b6b33e0ecf6|0-10

That should work. Does it not?

Yep it does now. I’m testing from different locations with different LIFX connectors. I messed up calling the correct ID for the corresponding LIFX connector.

So for a Beam system I should be able to control each Beam section like this : (on device ID)


Kind regards