Minimum Dimness on Bulb Products

First i want to say just how appreciative I am as a hobby developer for all of the openness and API access given by the LIFX team, such a superior product to the cheap competitors that require a constant internet connection and intrusive apps to work.

I absolutely love the products, but i do have a question about minimum dimness on the bulb products. I have BR30 can lights above my bed, but even 1% is just too bright to be used as a soft wake up in the morning. If i want to set the lights to slowly come on over the course of 5 minutes, the initial value at 1% is still pretty bright and is like a flash when it hits you asleep, even if starting at 1% red.

Is the 1% claimed by the app truly the lowest setting attainable by the hardware in the bulb? or is this a limitation of the firmware to give a most usable range between 1 and 100 and or alleviate ‘excite’ issues on the diodes?

It’s really my only issue with the product being nearly ideal in every way.