More consistent themes, schedules, and creating animated sunrises

I always like the idea of the Themes more than I do the reality, and I’m hoping that you’ll continue to develop them and that this will become a possibility. Or you could let me create a few themes for you!

The main problem with themes is that they vary the brightness, and I’ve seen other people comment on this. Please let us pick a brightness and then stick to it while the theme is in use, especially with animation. This is the dealbreaker, the thing that stops me using them about five minutes in, because my lights are up and down and it’s disconcerting rather than relaxing. I don’t want my lights suddenly changing from 100% near-white to 25% red.

The next is that I’d like a more consistent palette for how much white is in there. It’d be lovely to be able to pick a range, even if the choices are just “intense” (fully or near fully saturated) and “pastel” (closer to the white end of things), perhaps with one in the middle.

The idea of pictures where it chooses the colours from them, well, it seems more like a gimmick than how I actually want my lights to behave. Use a picture to illustrate a theme by all means, but don’t pick the colours from it with the saturation and brightness jumping all over the place.

I’d rather be able to select some sections of the colour wheel. So for late evening use, colours between 0° and 40° (reds through to golden yellows), intense saturation, is really good for winding down for sleep and would make a good Sunset theme. Blue light keeps you awake, and I know I’m not the only person who has set my Lifx bulbs to dim down through golds, oranges and reds over the evening, with huge benefit to my sleeping patterns.

For the morning, blues, purples, and pinks with some gold would be great to wake up to, and you could have more white in there.

The next thing I dream of, and Lifx has fulfilled a lot of my lighting dreams already, would be scheduling animated themes in some way. So that you could start with a theme at full saturation, and gradually have it change to white, while still shifting around between the same colours. Or you could have it go from full brightness to gradually turning off.

Here’s how I have set up my artificial sunrise at the moment. There are two Lifx bulbs in the bedroom.

7:30 - lights come on over 30 min from 0% to 100%, one to orange, and the other to purple, both fully saturated.
8:00 - lights change over 30 min from fully saturated orange and purple respectively to 3500K neutral white.

It’s a very pretty sunrise, as well as having the therapeutic benefits of dawn simulation, which wakes you up in a more natural and comfortable way. We do this at both my partner’s flat and mine. I have two of the classic bulbs, and he has one classic and one Day & Dusk.

Now imagine having the lights play and shift between oranges, golds, purples, pinks and the odd blue while also gradually coming on to fully saturated colour and then up to white. It would be the most amazing sunrise ever. People would absolutely love it. You could even set it up as a separate feature, if you like. I don’t have the Tile or Beam, but I could see it being incredible with those. Allow people to pick the colour range for the start and shade of white for the end, as well as the timing, speed and brightness, and you would have something that everyone would be talking about.

ALL OF THIS! I really can’t agree more there is so much opportunity, given the intensity of the LIFX colors, for some beautiful creative scenes and animations. My suggestion to LIFX would be to take a page from nanoleaf and integrate a communal element like the “discover” section of the nanoleaf app. I’ve always appreciated this so much, personally I’m an artist and love the idea of creating a beautiful pallet or animation and being able to share it along with see the great things others have made and being able to download those directly on the app . I think this would take a lot of pressure off the LIFX team in creating new scenes and just turn it over to the LIFX community which I will admit will probably do a better job with it anyways - no offense.

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By now I’d be happy if the animated themes worked at all. The good news is that they stick to a consistent brightness, which finally makes them something worth using. The bad news is that they don’t keep picking colours from the theme. If you set a theme on three bulbs, and it picks two or three colours, and you then press Animate, it will go back and forth with those two or three colours and no others. You can’t use it on a single bulb as a way of making that bulb shift between colours, you get a static light.

Then I thought I may as well try the pastels setting. It shifted back and forth between pastel blue and pastel green, and that was it. Colour Change mode is working sporadically.