More than 1 bulb at a time on Nest?

One of the main reasons why I chose Lifx bulbs over hue was that it connects to the Nest Protect and flashes red when it (Nest Protect) sounds an alarm.

I wanted all the Lifx bulbs that I have in the house to do this simultaneously.

However I can’t seem to use this feature with more than one bulb at a time.

The app says to select the bulbs (plural) that you want to use, but it only allows you to select just one bulb.

What am I missing?

Not sure but for me all my bulbs and Z flashes red then white however for me they never stop doing that, it just goes on until I set a new scene then it stops.
Even turning the light on and off does not fix the issue.

I have it setup so that it does the whole house. Is that an option in the drop-down list?

How did you accomplish this? What version of the app are you using?

This is what I seeing.

I do not see a “House” option. Everything else looks the same as yours.

What platform are you on, iOS or Android?

Sorry, forgot to note it in the previous post.

I’m using Android.

That may be it. I’m on iOS.

Do you have your groups setup as rooms or do you have your location setup as rooms?

When I first used LIFX, I had it setup like this:

Location    -> Group   -> Light
Living Room -> TV Area -> TV Left

After talking to LIFX support, I found out this was not the correct configuration. If this is what you have setup, that’s your issue. If not, I think you should contact LIFX support as they’ll be able to help you more past this point.

Thanks for all of your help. I will look into that but I may end up returning all my bulbs because of other issues that I’m having with them.