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Morph and Flame effects in the HTTP API



Alongside the release of v3.50 firmware for tiles we are releasing two new endpoints in the HTTP API.

These two endpoints control the firmware effects for tiles. Note that you need the new firmware for the flame effect to work.

Also, when you perform a GET /v1/lights you will get an extra effect field that tells you if your device is currently running a firmware effect.

For tiles this can currently be “OFF”, “MORPH” or “FLAME”
For strips, this can be “OFF” or “MOVE”
For other lights, it will always be “OFF”

I’m also happy to say that we are working on adding to the LAN documentation so that you can perform these effects using the LAN api and we hope to have that out sometime next week.

We hope you enjoy the firmware effects!

Start move effect from api

This is awesome. Thanks @delfick and LIFX. Now I have something to play with after I get back from my honeymoon in March. :grin:


you’re welcome :slight_smile: enjoy your honeymoon!


Just a heads-up that the Python code examples on the Morph and Flame effect documentation pages is actually the code sample for the Move effect. :slight_smile: The cURL examples are correct, though.


Oh they are too. My bad. Didn’t notice that when I cloned the move page!

I’ll be sure to fix that tomorrow when back from long weekend.

Thanks :slight_smile: