Multiple Home Automation Platforms?

Can I use multiple home automation platforms w/ Lifx? E.G., Control4 & Homekit & Alexa & IFTTT? Other than my own confusion of trying to keep track of which system is doing what when, will this cause problems for Lifx or does it simply take whatever it’s given from wherever and act on it?

I use GoogleHome for adhoc requests (to LIFX bulbs), I also have scheduled events running from both LIFX App & IFTTT which run regardless.
So, I guess the answer is that the bulbs just accept requests from any platform.

I use IFTTT for actions that don’t require instant response, e.g. “turn garden lights 30 minutes after sunset”, I use Stringify for faster response, e.g. Turn Front door light when “Ring Doorbell senses motion”. I have Homekit for single call, e.g. “Put Piano light to the Maximum” , and I have Pop physical switches for the family to use, e.g. Pop to turn all lights on in leaving room (including the dimmed Piano light) .
All works fine.
Homekit is temperamental I have to say.
I am thinking of adding a new Sonos One to my Sonos setup for voice activation for the whole family.

You can certainly use multiple systems. Many will poll the lights for their status, so changes in one can be reflected in another.

If you choose to run a home automation server in your house, be aware that the service will need to listen on port 56700 for messages from Lifx bulbs. You’ll only be able to run one home automation service on your server at a time. I experiemented with lightsd for a while on my server, and had to disable the Lifx component in Home-Assistant every time.