Multiple Tile kits synced?

I read it was soon to be possible to link multiple tile kits and have them work together.
for example, have the morph effect displayed and synced across them all.
So before I go buying more of them, is this possible yet or not?


This isn’t possible or on the roadmap.

The closest you can get is external animations that send messages to the tiles can make the tiles look like they are connected.

For example, using photons,

This, however, does mean you need to have a computer sitting there running the animations.

Thanks for the reply. That’s a shame was hoping to extend to a 5x5 of them…

Is it possible to get the code for the morph animation so I can attempt to tweak it?

Unfortunately we can’t release that code.

Also, it’s built into the firmware and so it does things very differently to how external animations driven by Set64 messages works.

Ok fair enough.
The post I was taking about in my first message was actually from a lifx employee, please see this link, it’s the first response.

No answer… did I ask an awkward question?
I’d like to know if it’s true what the other lifx employee said on Reddit.

Sorry for the late reply, it’s been a busy week.

Unfortunately during development of that idea we discovered we couldn’t do it in a way that would meet certification requirements for EMC and it’s no longer on our roadmap.