Music key detection using microphone to change light color and sync to music


I have an idea that I think would be an amazing option for an ever growing home DJ / Party market, and I haven’t seen it in any of the apps available for LIFX. I’m not a developer but perhaps someone here could maybe run with the idea if they’re up for the challenge or perhaps would profit from making an app like this. The “party” or “disco” apps out there such as Light DJ don’t really do justice to the potential of these lights.

There’s music detection software such as Mixed In Key and other DJ programs like Traktor that can analyze and detect the key of the music. Each root key can correspond with a color

Scriabin’s system of colored musical keys:
C# – Purple
F# – Bright Blue/Violet
B – Blue
E – Sky Blue
A – Green
D – Yellow
G – Orange
C – Red
F – Deep Red
Bb – Rose/Steel
Eb – Flesh
Ab – Violet
Db – Purple (same as C#)
Gb – Bright Blue/Violet (same as F#)

My idea is that when the microphone (or the app that’s playing the song from within a software application like iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) detects the root key of the song that’s playing, it would change the lights in the group/room to that color. Basically, the lights would automatically set the appropriate mood for the music.

Add onto this some really futuristic automation options for strobes, brightness (like when the peak of the song drops), and other effects that you see in the light shows at clubs and festivals, I think this would be extremely marketable- not only for home DJ’s but also people who just want to play music in their home.

Does anyone see a way to accomplish something like this?

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