My bulbs have been 100% solid since 2.14 (edit: okay, *almost* solid)

Just wanted to put that out there. The frustration and wait was worth it. LIFX colors are the cream of the crop. Great job devs.

(my Z strip, on the other hand…but firmware is coming soon, yes.)

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What version do you have of the Z firmware ?
There is or was a beta for the Z units and mine has been stable ever since then. Email support and ask if you can try the beta. It worked for me.

1.21 for the Z… Is that beta?

Also I jinxed myself with this post. Two out of four have dropped off from the app tonight. They’ll come back with a power cycle but come on…

Nope on 1.21 I dropped off every 24 hours or so. Never since I went to 1.22

My original one was the same and it was replaced, moving the original one to 1.22 made little difference so it was faulty.

Support can tell from their logs if it is faulty or just needs the new firmware so contact support.