My feature wishlist

Good afternoon team,

Long time Lifx customer and now have either a globe or switch on all of my lights.

My wish-list which I will continue to update is as below.

Gangs in the switch to be allocated to different rooms; My house has 1 switch which powers the kitchen, living room and dining room. No issue normally, but now with my Lifx 4 gang, I cannot set the switches to one room, the whole switch needs to be allocated. This makes turning on a room impossible as multiple rooms turn on.

Individual switches be available to select in scenes; This is a simple one, I want to be able to turn on multiple rooms when clicking a blank gang switch. However, I can only select individual globes in scene select. Most of my living spaces are dumb lights with Lifx switches, meaning do not even show up in the Scene create menu and I cannot do what I intended when I purchased the switches. Further, I was hoping I could have 1 gang at the front door turn on every single light in my house for security purposes, but this cannot currently be done.

Chain colours with down lights; At the moment, each down light is considered separate but just happen to be in a room. I would love to be able to string lights so the system knows they are in a line and wave colours, like a light strip. I would also love to make it so the lights synchronize better as currently even if i use Colour Cycle, they go out of synch quite quickly.

More movement, colour changing and exciting programs for lights in general: I touched on this a little before, but having more synchronised colour changing options which can be properly programmed would be fantastic.

I know there are more, but this would be fantastic and I would love to hear if there are any updates. I am a huge advocate and want to see Lifx continue to be great.


Can we get a response from Lifx on point 1 (switch covering multiple rooms) and point 2 (unassigned button to control multiple dumb lights across multiple Lifx switches) ? This is quite fundamental and there’s been various posts these are being worked on - timelines, progress, beta testing?

Both of those are assumed to be possible when the HomeKit certified firmware is released. No idea when that will be, but the Test Flight builds do reference the firmware is being tested. Note that folks (including myself) who usually get access to beta bulb firmware releases have not yet been given access to this firmware.

Sounds promising, but what about those of us in a Google Home ecosystem?

The theory goes that you use Home Assistant as a HomeKit proxy to get access to the same functionality.