My homebrew dedicated LIFX switch w/ color touchscreen display

This might end up embedded in my wall someday, but for now its just a toy:

The light is LIFX 1100 multicolor bulb behind about 4 inches of white foam for enough diffusion to not wash out the LCD
The display is MK-CY-043 from Amulet Technologies
The wifi board is the ESP8266 arduino-copatible from
The USB cable is just for power, going to a USB wall adapter

Coded using the Amulet Arduino Communications library on Github:

and my own LIFX ESP8266/Arduino driver that I am still working on for the LAN protocol with help from the Developer forum.

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Very cool indeed. Now just package it up in a stylish design and you’ve got yourself a product to sell.

Hey @Brian , the ESP8266/Arduino driver you said you were working on, is it publicly available?

I’m just getting started with Arduino, and would love to try it as an extension to my University project!

I seem to have lost my library! I think I whacked my whole Arduino libraries directory when troubleshooting something else and I didn’t realize that was my only copy. I only spent a few hours on it but it still hurts that I was so dumb. I may have given it to someone else… I will check.


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