My Wife will remove all LIFX bulbs if I don't get a Proper Switch!

So I just solved all of my Lifx problems. This does require HomeKit/Apple TV. (Maybe a similar method would work with google/Alexa)


  • girlfriend on android, not willing to download Lifx app.
  • want the lights daylight during the day and tungsten at night and to not really notice the transition
  • want to still use light switches and not just stick a pop button to the wall next to the switch.

I got a Leviton Decora HomeKit switch (I image this would work with any HomeKit enabled light switch.) they advertise them as being able to be controlled by home kit, but don’t mention that they can also control HomeKit.

When I installed the switch I attached the hot wire (black) and the wire that carries the load to the light (it says red but mine was blue) to the same terminal (the one for the hot wire), this way turning the switch on/off does NOT interrupt the power to the light.

Then in HomeKit I set up an automation so that when the Leviton switch is turned “on” the brightness of the selected bulbs goes to 100%, when it is turned off it triggers the brightness to go to 0%.

Then I used IFTTT to change the color temp at both sunrise and sunset with a 30 minute fade. Unlike the Day/Dusk feature in the Lifx app, IFTTT allows you to change the the color without affecting the brightness, so it doesn’t force the lights to come on when the color temp changes.

Then I got a Logitech POP button under my coffee table where one tap activates a HomeKit scene that lowers the brightness a little. Double tap does a move scene that lowers the lights even more, and turns a couple off. Long tap bring them all back to full brightness. All while the color temp continues to match the time of day.

And finally, no matter what scene I leave it on when I turn the lights off at the switch, when I turn it back on again they all come back up to 100% brightness. The color temp is always right according to the time of day and never gets messed up by changing scenes or leaving the switch off.

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You can achieve this using LIFX Schedules instead of the built-in Day/Dusk feature, btw. I’ve setup a series of schedules that do the same 30 minute transition that day/dusk does at each time interval, but they don’t change the power status of the bulbs.

See the new announcement about new bulbs and a switch.

“Buddy Technologies Limited, a leader in IoT and cloud-based solutions for making spaces smarter, is pleased to announce that following considerable research & development effort, it will finalise the release of four new lights from LIFX – two LIFX filament-style feature bulbs, a new tunable white LIFX Candle bulb and LIFX Z-TV light strip, as well as a new product from the Buddy Commercial Team – LIFX Switch.”

“Each button on LIFX Switch can be configured to switch either a live electrical circuit (in the case of non-smart lights) or be a “soft switch” which can control a single light, a scene, a group of lights or even a combination of multiple smart home device functionality (ie: turn off the lights, shut the garage door and lock the front door). To help identify each button’s functionality, the four buttons on LIFX Switch can be custom configured to be backlit with any colour the user desires. LIFX Switch will be offered in both light and dark colour combinations.”