Need help with an idea!

I am an avid lifx fan and have a project that I am needing help on.
Here are the questions I currently have:

  • Is it possible to have a physical scroll wheel change brightness or hue?
  • Is it possible to have physical buttons function to serve as an on/off switch or change from color mode to white mode?

Yes, all of that is possible, you’ll need to build something that can do Wi-Fi and integrates with the LIFX HTTP API, LAN API or any other 3rd party API that can control LIFX bulbs (e.g: lightsd of which I’m the author).

There is a bunch of existing products too, like maybe the Flic button would work for your second use-case. I’ve never used any of them though.

I just got my little packet of Flic buttons last week, and have been using them as on/off and white/color buttons in exactly this way. They are an awesome little product.