Need to simulate - day in an hour

We are going to be running a slot car race simulating 24 hours.

We are going to be in a blackened room, and wanting to use two lifx bulbs to simulate day/night.

I can either use an arduino or Windows PC, but have no real C# knowledge.

Is this something that will be too hard to do?

We need to be able to replicate the same conditions four times, with an option of pausing if needed.

Anyone able to help point me in the right direction to start? Would prefer an arduino solution.

You should be able to do this by using schedules in the stock LIFX app. Forget the arduino altogether.

Problem is if we have to pause the race, then need to go back into the the app, reschedule for the rest of the time, calculate when we start what part we are at etc etc.

With an arduino, I could have it trigger colour changes and levels, and if we pause the race, pause the effects.

Check out

It’s a python library that has a few examples working straight out of the box - see

You could just launch with the color / HSBK values in a loop or do some more tinkering, allowing to pause and restart.

You’re not limited to C# :slight_smile:

Also since you are thinking of using an Arduino I helped another user out with that recently. You could take that as a starting position and build on that. You’ll need a good knowledge of C though.