Nest Protect 3rd gen and LIFX + A19 with Night Vision Problems

Hey Guys,

Finally took the plunge and purchased a heap of LIFX + A19 with Night Vision bulbs. Bulbs work great and super easy to set up with my Asus Aimesh network.

First thing in set up on the A19 was the night vision functionality to enhance my nest camera throughout my home. Soon after setting this up I noticed all my nest protect (3rd gen) smoke alarms started to malfunction.

Malfunction meaning, green nightly promise no longer worked, interconnected pathlights no longer illuminated at night, called nest and performed multiple resets and arranged a replacement for 3 smokes alarms.

Once replacements were received, I still had the same problems, nightly promise and pathlights still didn’t work.

After reading a tear down guide on the nest protect (attempting to clean it) I discovered it contained numerous infrared sensors. Which got me thinking could the lifx night vision affect the nest infrared sensors?

After switching off the night vision on the LIFX + A19 all led started to illuminate at night all nightly promise and pathlights worked as they should.

Can someone please advise if they experienced the same issue?