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New app vs old app

 Hi everyone. I'd like to share my observations that I've experienced with the new app. I apologize for not being up to speed on this sight (it's been a couple years since I've had the time to be on here) but I feel that I MUST share my experiences at some point. 
 A little background info:  I have been a LIFX customer since 2015 and I currently have 69 LIFX lights that I use on the regular. 99% of the time I control my bulbs automatically through Python scripts that run on a raspberry pi (or I have hotkeys on my computer that will fire off certain scripts that control the bulbs by broadcasting packets out onto the local subnet).  All of this works just as expected.
 The app however, in my observation, has been a total abomination since the day I first upgraded to it. I used to be able to control my bulbs without any issues with the old app. The new app is laggy, crashy, unreliable and is soo painful to use that I rarely ever use it. I would take the old app back in a heart beat.
 Now, all of this being said, I'm sure I've missed much discussion about this over the last year or so  as I just don't have the time to investigate these issues.  I guess all along i assumed that everyone else would be so ticked off with the performance of the new app that it would have been eradicated immediately, but alas...

First, Leaving feedback about the LIFX Mobile Apps.

Second, your post is almost completely unreadable. Though, from what I can see, I’m not that inclined to read it anyway. I am a LIFX user of similar pedigree (from the Kickstarter to now) and I run my lighting in the same way (almost completely automated) and the new LIFX app (for iOS, at least) is fine. It works as well, if not better than the old one in most cases and on recent Apple devices, is as fast.

And because I care about the development, I signed up for Test Flight access and I provide constructive feedback as part of that process. I encourage you do the same instead of writing almost completely unreadable but totally pointless forum posts.

(Just to be clear: I have no affiliation with LIFX beyond spending way too much money and time in their ecosystem than is generally polite to mention).


Didn’t I say that this was just my personal observation? Just providing feedback based on my own experience. Like I said, I’ve not looked into this issue very far. Just that for me, what used to work now doesn’t (so much).

@Djelibeybi, @Rasstace is allowed to point out their observations :slight_smile:

@Rasstace I’m sorry to hear the app isn’t working so well for you. Please do reach out support team and they can help

As per that post @Djelibeybi pointed out, I’m gonna lock this thread. The developer forums isn’t a great place for complaining about the app.