New Dusk & Dawn functionality

So first kudos to LIFX for adding this functionality.

I like the concept a lot.

But, with respect… I’m surprised there is no ability to customize the brightness (and temperature, but brightness is more obvious actually)

I have no need to set my light to max brightness during the day. My (currently) only bulb is in a bedroom, and I just don’t need that much light there. I need about half that typically.

Hopefully an upcoming release will improve what I think is a great idea…

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for your feedback. The aim of the Day & Dusk functionality is to make scheduling easier to understand and use. What we’ve released so far is just the start, we are seeking feedback from users about how we can enhance it going forward. Currently you can switch each segment on/off and configure the time that each segment starts. We will be adding the ability to configure the kelvin and brightness of each segment to a future release.


Thanks for the response, I look forward to future updates.

Between evening and “night light”, what’s the “ramp down” like? Looks pretty steep to me?

I think you also need an “off” and maybe an “on” time. At 2% brightness, depending on the room size, it is NOT a night light in the traditional sense. Far too bright, and in my case, no one is going to sleep with it on. (And this feature is very handy for bedrooms)

One of the things I don’t like about f.lux (while I of course do use it)… Is that it seems to be purely based on location. In the winter I really don’t need my monitor changing color at 6pm or earlier, it can really wait until 8pm. I like your implementation as it gives me that control

Looking forward to buying more lights actually… Partially because of this feature.

@markh - You might want to look at Sunn, F.lux and few other Circadian rythm apps.

As part of my yoga & meditation protocols to take up at 4 am etc certain rythms have to be maintained and are taught/ recommended to people.

Would love to work with you and share more insights on how to tune your products/ apps.

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A fade in period for morning, so we could say “go from 0% to X% in Y minutes” would be a pretty cool feature. Similar with a bedtime reversal, of “go from wherever you are to 0% in Z minutes”. That’s pretty much what I do now with IFTTT, but it would be nice to do it directly with LIFX, rather than a 3rd party.

I’m just getting used to my first light and really liked this feature, but its way too bright at the start of the evening.

Hi - wanted to sanity check the behaviour i’m seeing in the app with Day & Dusk Mini bulbs. I have 5 bulbs, all located in a kitchen and grouped together in a room named ‘Kitchen’. I can change the temperature and brightness of the room and all 5 change no problem. HomeKit works good too. However, when i select Day & Dusk for the group, nothing happens. Temperature doesnt change, brightness stays the same. They remain at whatever group setting they had under the ‘Whites’ section. Anyone seen behaviour like this before? If the group is off and I select the group from within the app and select Day/Dusk and switch it to on, nothing happens. Any thoughts?

@markh - Where does the above statement stand at this moment?

@xbliss Those changes that I mentioned have been live in the apps for a few months now.

I never got a response to this post of mine, where I wanted to get involved with you guys in helping build a better Circadian rhythm syncing mechanism.

@xbliss We are working on further improvements to scheduling. I’ll pass your interest onto the team who are working on the new designs.

Mark - can you please take a look at my post…?

Thank you @markh - Appreciate it. Could you take a look and help here a bit? or get someone else to?
To use a Dual Voltage Electric LED Bulb E26 in a E27 environment/ socket?

@markh Does this circadian control need to have cloud access? Can it not get the location;

  • manually set in / via app by LIFX app
  • picks up location of LIFX app phone

This ensures local control and perimeter security

I don’t see any point to put the bulb on cloud until I really decide I want to control it via voice

Yes, all of our current scheduling functionality uses the LIFX Cloud to update the lights.

BTW, you don’t need to connect a LIFX bulb to the LIFX Cloud to control it via Siri. That happens using the local LAN protocol from your device or HomeKit hub. You only need cloud connectivity if you want to control it from an Alexa or Google device.

So will the circadian control work by itself without the presence of controlling phone and app?

That’s good.

But it would be nice to have both (App managed & cloud managed circadian cycle) in case some places in world where connectivity or power tends to go down.

Hoping to try this out.

Why won’t the app even let me add it as a favourite? I have a single LIFX bulb and wish to control it using widget, which requires it to be added as a favourite.

Only if it’s LIFX Cloud enabled and is connected to the cloud at transition time(s). So if your Internet connectivity goes down, or the bulb disconnects, the LIFX Cloud will be unable to action any scheduled changes, which includes the Dawn to Dusk feature.

Ouch! Has this gotten any backup system that is Local only? App direct?