New GU10 - will it work with LED-dimmer switch?


I´m building a new house and will have Spotlights in 5 zones.

My questions:

  • As I understand LiFx will remember the last setting if swtich is turned OFF - correct?

  • Will LiFx GU10 work with a LED - compatible dimmer switch. Mine works as this
    1 click OFF
    1 click = last setting
    Hold = dim up or down.
    If I´m correct if a set it att 100% and click the switch work as a regular ON/OFF. But what will happend if I dim a Lifx GU10? Just to be clear - I mean a LED dimmer not a traditional one (sometimes round)!

  • Lifx will work in Homekit with Apple Home App?


Quick answers:

  1. Yes, the bulb will remember the last setting if it is powered off.
  2. No, it won’t. You can use the LIFX iOS app to dim the bulbs, but you cannot use a dimmer switch.
  3. Yes, the LIFX GU10 bulbs are HomeKit compatible and they work great.

My solution for the dimmer problem was to use the power of HomeKit to integrate two solutions: I use Philips Hue dimmer switches to trigger HomeKit-defined scenes that include LIFX bulbs. In fact, four of the dimmers don’t control any Hue bulbs at all.