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New LAN messages: Extended Multizone and Firmware Effects



I’m happy to announce the release of new messages for controlling LIFX Z/Beam and LIFX Tiles. I’ve updated the documentation on and I’ve updated the machine readable description of the API over at

The first group of messages is related to controlling the zones on LIFX Z/Beam. We call this API “extended multizone” and it lets you control your entire device with a single message instead of up to 82 messages if you have a different color for all the zones. When we first released the LIFX Z, the API was such that you could only specify one color for a single range of zones. We found that this meant changing your device would involve sending a lot of messages and this was slow and prone to problems. You can find these new messages over at Note that the first generation of LIFX Z do not support extended multizone and the second generation only support extended multizone after a particular firmware release. I’ve updated to mention the firmware build timestamp that enables extended multizone.

The second group of messages we are releasing is about controlling firmware effects on your LIFX Z/Beam and LIFX Tiles. I’ve added a new page to the documentation detailing all these messages over at Currently there is the “move” animation for LIFX Z/Beam and the “morph” and “flame” effects for LIFX Tiles.

I’ve also updated my Photons project to have these new messages and provide actions for controlling the effects from the command line. More information about that can be found at

We look forward to seeing what you do with these new messages!



Just to confirm: Gen 1 LIFX Z is the non-HomeKit version, and Gen 2 is the HomeKit version?


Yeap, that’s correct.


Not sure what generation I have since I bought them early last year, but what the F is up with the color and brightness change that occurred recently? The scenes that I took so long to set up over my aquarium now look like crap and the night lighting is garbage. Nothing under what looks like 10%??? I seriously doubt you can claim as many colors as you do with the poor granularity that I’m experiencing.
Furthermore, it seems that several of my lights REFUSE to update, regardless of how many times I try and even when they report that they have updated, I always see the indication in my Android app that there are bulbs/strips that need an update.
Really tired of this after years of “troubleshooting”.


Just wanted to check that products.json is right in that Beam with a pid of 38 does have the extended multizone but pid 56 doesn’t.

It just seems a little odd given that pid 56 is newer isn’t it?


Or should that be read that any firmware version of the Beam (pid 56) supports extended multizone?


Well spotted!

That version of the beam doesn’t actually exist, so I have removed it from the products.json

Sorry for the confusion.