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New messages for the LIFX switch

Hi everyone,

The LIFX Switch has been out for some time and we still haven’t released messages for it!

Unfortunately I can’t add many switch related messages to the public API at this time, but I have added messages related to setting the power level of “relays” on the switch and added pages talking about the switch. There will be more messages that we add in the future.

See my changes to the public protocol repository

and the new section in the LAN docs about the switch.


:oncoming_police_car: Grammar Police here. You have an unwarranted apostrophe loitering in the following sentence:

For existing messages in the LIFX public API, the device will appear like any other LIFX device on your network except for it’s response to Light messages.

It may help to think of “its” as a neutral version of “his”, “hers” or “theirs”. None of these words have an apostrophe.

As this is a first offence, we’ll let you off with a warning.

Fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m gonna blame my brain for being a bit glitchy with language (this particular rule I do know, but that doesn’t stop my fingers) and I’ll blame @egosapien for not noticing in the first place. He will promptly be demoted from his place as Director of Wording.

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