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New product suggestion: Lifx + Grow

I’m sure unsolicited new product ideas aren’t high on any developer’s Christmas list, but I wanted to share a use case that would give me an excuse to buy even more LIFX bulbs. I have a lot of houseplants, and it can be hard to provide them enough light in interior spaces. Ikea makes a white PAR30 bulb with a spectrum optimized for plant growth; I have several and they’re lifesavers. It would be really cool to see a (PA|B)R30 LIFX bulb that could serve a similar function while also giving me the control over color and color temperature I’ve come to love.

I’m sure matching the action spectrum of chlorophyll while still providing high CRI whites (one of my favorite things about LIFX) would be a challenge, but I’d love to fill my recessed lighting cans with lights that can feed my houseplants while still letting me wash my home with color when I want to.


I would love this option to help supplement my house plants during winter and parts of my house that don’t get quite enough light.