LIFX Developer Zone

New protocol messages and rewritten developer docs

Hi everybody!

It brings me a lot of joy to announce to you some more protocol messages, and a rewrite of the developer documentation!

The new messages relate to our Clean range of products and you can see those on our new page for that line of product.

The documentation itself has also been given a refresh with:

  • Improved description of the structure/encoding/decoding of the LIFX binary protocol
  • Improved feature pages
  • Messages grouped by Query/Change/State
  • Messages now explain what messages they return and are returned by
  • Messages have improved explanations

We’ve also changed our recommendation for the res_required and ack_required flags. It is reasonable to always set res_required to false and only set ack_required to true for Set messages. This is because all Get messages will return a result regardless of the setting of that flag, and result messages for Set messages tend not to be very useful.

Our public product registry has also been updated recently to include new products and expanded Kelvin ranges. And our machine readable definition of the protocol has all the new messages.

Please do tell us what you think!