New Router Was Recommended

I originally started developing problems with what I thought was lousy service for some time from my isp. after 3 years of complaints, tech support looked at my 17 devices on WiFi and told me their equipment is not made for that many devices and I needed to buy my own. I first purchased the router, netgear nighthawk rax200. voila! i stopped dropping devices. it’s also reaching around corners, through walls with aluminum studs. i do have an issue with the router. netgear has my 90 day period on hold. i’ve got someone in the hospital and no time to set this router up properly. my speed is limited, netgear is going to use trial & error but i’ll wait till i get my own modem. then i don’t have to pay those damn rental fees anymore. once it’s all set up, i’m dropping their cable TV. Optimum is a scam operation. you never know what your bill is going to have on it, changed on it, or the amount monthly. i should bring my Optimum bill down by $150.00 for now. i can see in november they plan on raising internet by $51.00. we’ll see about that. time to write to the FCC and my representatives. never give up.