New StateWifiInfo message format?

Hi guys!
I’m wondering if StateWifiInfo message format has changed? I’m seeing LiFX Mini return an oddball value for WiFi signal strength, there is the full message:
[‘0x32’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x14’, ‘0x61’, ‘0x64’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0xd0’, ‘0x73’, ‘0xd5’, ‘0x31’, ‘0x89’, ‘0xc5’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x4c’, ‘0x49’, ‘0x46’, ‘0x58’, ‘0x56’, ‘0x32’, ‘0x1’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x88’, ‘0xd’, ‘0x88’, ‘0x8e’, ‘0xea’, ‘0x68’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x11’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x12’, ‘0x2d’, ‘0x7’, ‘0x34’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0x0’, ‘0xcb’, ‘0x11’]

WiFi signal strength is supposed to be 0x34072d12 which translates into 1.258925124147936e-07 ???

Regular bulbs send much more acceptable value like 0x42240000 (which is just 41 in decimal).

Also - LiFX Mini seems to set 2 last bytes that are described as ‘reserved’, do these have a meaning now?

RX and RX bytes make no much sense either - LiFX Mini sends all zeroes, LIFX+ sends 2158016404 all the time…

Does anyone have an updated documentation on StateWifiInfo? Thanks!!

Just want to revive this - I can’t make any sense of the StateWifiInfo message either.

Any comment from LIFX devs?


StateWifiInfo isn’t relevant to the LIFX Mini because it only has host firmware. (older products had both host and wifi firmware).

So I should be looking at StateHostInfo instead to get the signal information?

Hmm… tx, rx and signal are all 0 for StateHostInfo, the only field that has any values is the reserved field :frowning:

oops, sorry, my brain thought we were talking about GetHostFirmware and GetWifiFirmware!

GetWifiInfo is indeed the one you want.

So, in that case, the values are different because the newer products use a different unit of measurement.

Signal in the old products is wifi rssi, whereas in the newer products it’s signal to noise ratio. I need to update the documentation sometime to explain this.

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I’ve updated the documentation for StateWifiInfo

It now contains code that can be used to understand whatever value the Signal propery has.

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Ah, thanks for that. The question is, which products are which? :slight_smile: Maybe time to update products.json?

Second question is how to decode the 32-bit float, is it little-endian like the ints?

If I assume it’s little-endian then I’m mostly getting values in the 10^-5 to 10^-7 range I think, big endian tends to negative values.

Only the LCM2 products retrun snr (so things like the second generation Z, the Beam, the current release of A19 and BR30 products).

Everything in the protocol is little endian.

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