Newbie with a lot to learn ahead, Help please


I’m just starting off in this coding world. I’ve never been into coding nor porgramming. I recently came accross home assistant, which I’m loving, and I’m slowly delving into it. I have a pack of lifx bulbs which I love, but there’s a project in my mind I’d love to make come true. I’d like to have the philips dimmer switch to move through various diferent lifx scenes every time I push a button. For Example:

1st click: candles and tiles morphing the Energizing theme
click again: candles and tiles morphing the exciting theme
click again: candles and tiles morphing the Dream theme
double click: go back to the previous scene/effects

is that viable? As I said, I’m a total noob. Is there any friendly guide for complete noobs on how to make this possible? I guess Python would be the best bet. I’d love to be able to make it but I’m not all that ok with studying the whole code. It’s just I want to make this particular project come true.

well, thanks in advanced, any help will be much appreciated