No DHCP lease for all bulbs

I am experiencing a problem with all my LIFX bulbs in my home. Mini Colour and Z Strip where all at once they decided to no longer connect to my home network. It appears that the devices are not pulling DHCP leases. I have tried assigning DHCP reservations. Have tried resetting the bulbs and doing both HomeKit and Wifi setup routines. Nothing is working and the devices will not get a DHCP lease.

For reference my home wifi router is a Ubiquiti Dream Machine


Have you made a support case by any chance?

I created a support case several days ago and have not heard back from anyone. This would be the second time I’ve tried creating a support case with LIFX and have had zero response. A previous time was when my Z Strip was constantly disconnecting from the network. This was an issue before I changed my home wifi router to the UDM.

Ok, Are you able to send me a private message with the ticket number and I’ll follow up on it.

Good morning. Hey, I’m not affiliated with lifx in any way. I am an IT Infrastructure Engineer with 10+ years experience. If you want to DM me, I can try and assist you. It seems to me that you have a decent understanding of network topology since you know what DHCP leases, and reservations are as well as having a Ubiquity instead of a generic ISP modem/router.

Let me know if you would like another IT brain to bounce ideas off of.

Thanks man, I am a Network Architect for Arista with 21 years of industry experience so I understand fully what I am doing here.

I actually did get this finally resolved by creating a new SSID for 2ghz only and putting all the bulbs on that SSID. Quite a pain in the ass as all my other home IoT devices, cameras, speakers, home automation are all fine on the dual 5g/2g SSID.

You may also want to disable WMM on that dedicated SSID now too:

I do not use WWM or Airtime Fairness.

Unifi enables WMM on all SSIDs by default. You have to disable it manually.

Yes thank you. Very aware of that. As I said, I do not use Airtime Fairness or WMM