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Non-app-dependent effects!

So, currently with the LIFX Z, I can set an effect to run and then force-quit the app, and the effect will continue to run without the app. I can turn the light on and off, and it will keep running the effect without any further intervention from me.


It’s amazing and it doesn’t run down my battery. I don’t know if this was intended or not, but DON’T CHANGE IT.

That is all.

Thanks for the feedback. The Move effect on the LIFX Z and Beam products is built into the firmware, this is why this effect has this behaviour where it doesn’t require the app to keep running. This is the same with the Morph effect on the Tile.

All the other effects are powered by the LIFX app, which is why they stop when the app is stopped and they cause significant battery drain if they are left running. We plan to keep adding firmware driven effects to the lights where it makes sense.


Very , very good news. The battery drain always irked me. Hopefully you will expand this to the regular bulbs at some point.

@markh - are schedules and basic scenes also set into the hardware?

@alystair scheduling is done via the LIFX Cloud and triggering scenes can be done via messages sent from the app or from the Cloud.

To be clear, if wifi connectivity is lost - scheduled scene changes no longer function?

If internet connectivity is lost, then schedules will not effect the lights.