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Not A New Topic, in a rush, want to get this in

I previously brought up the subject about my merged network. It was suggested that it wouldn’t make a difference because lifx lights can’t see the 5G. I’m having the same issues I’ve had before with a merged network. I’m losing lights every day that require resetting, A19 bulbs & beams. It’s been going on for a while now. First thought nothing about it. Then the past 2 days I’ve had to reset too many lights. I’ve only realized last night that with my last equipment change, I’m back to a merged network. will be separating it again via ISP later today. Will update this at a later date.

I used to have a similar problem.

I found that I could have a maximum of sixteen lights/connections at any one time. The problem lights varied each time the system was switched on. Although a certain cohort used to regularly (not always) be in the problem group.

I asked my ISP whether the supplied modem had any limits in the number of connections. Initially they said no but then called back and advised the maximum was sixteen connections. This was although the modem was a superior quality commercial modem.

To guarantee certain performance parameters they had restricted the number of connections.

As part of my network extension, I added 2 Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO WIFI extenders to the existing modem.

I believe each of the extenders can accept up to five hundred connections.

I have had zero problems since that day.

Hope that assists.

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thank you very much. unfortunately i currently have 15 in use, 2 beams unopened and 2 A19
bulbs that haven’t been used almost since they were purchased because the people using them prefer turning the lamps on. i apprecciate the time you took to explain this hopeful solution to me. i’ll give it a try when I expand the remainder lights. the interesting part of this is that lifx support told me about an app that would diagnose my system. it said problem was merged network. so, as pro lifx as I am despite it’s issues, (there have been others easily solved), what i will do is ask my isp about connections allowed to see what they say. that’s going to be a large pill to swallow since i’ve caught them lying so many times. will update.
thanks again

Hi Cmarth, spoke with my isp. was told a crock o’ BS. no we don’t have a limit on the number of connections, however we would recommend no more than 11 even though going over the 11 limit would have no effect on the functioning of anything connected.??? my reply was, you don’t sound like you’re very sure of what you’re telling me, thank you very much much goodbye. can you believe this horsesh*t? truly, i wasn’t surprised. if the an i will try what you’ve recommended.swer to any question they are asked isn’t in the script they are reading, you’re on your own. just like all the BS they advertise about their high speed servise, BS, WiFi 6, BS, these are all things they want to increase what you pay them. it’s all BS if you make yourself knowledgable.

Hi Vinyl

Yes, putting up with that BS can be frustrating.

I was fortunate with my ISP because the support person actually took a genuine interest.

As I said, he initially said he had never heard of any restrictions, but he had not ever been asked the question and wanted to know the correct answer. He said he would go away and investigate and get back to me.

True to his word, he did so and came back with the answer of a 16 unit limit. He was amazed, but pleased he had chased it up. I have to say it was very nice to deal such a genuine support person.

Maybe try running your system with say 10 connections and testing whether you have any issues. Then build up gradually from there. I am likely telling you something you have tried many times before, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck with solving your problem.

Cheers Cmarth

thanks for the good luck wishes. despite what i was told, my wi-fi and internet are intermittent. i can not rely on either. based on all the info i’ve read, everything points to buying my own equipment. considering i’ve had at least 6 equipment changes from my isp. that’s quite an expensive proposition to buy my own. the construction of my building isn’t conducive to well functioning wi-fi. aluminum studs in the walls is a huge problem. and now optimum is advertising wi-fi 6 as giving you better wi-fi in the same ad saying get better wi-fi throughout with additional equipment. optimum sucks. i’m not done with them either.