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Not a problem but right now, inexplicable

i have 9 beams, 6 are in use. i’ve inadvertantly plugged one into a timer. (extention cord plugged into timer not power supply directly) before the timer comes on, lifx app says it’s gone dark. i leave it alone over resetting it and changing where it’s plugged in. every evening at 7:30PM, when the timer turns on other lights (not lifx), this one beam turns on with the timer. i’m leaving it alone as it is it works and when it’s on, the app can see it allowing the app to control it. for some reason, every evening i have to reset a beam. never know which one will read “it’s gone dark” requiring a reset. sometimes restarting my android solves the problem, many times it doesn’t. does anyone have any idea how to explain this? this is actually 2 issues. i somehow think they might be connected.

It is unclear to me what you mean by “extension cord plugged into timer not power supply directly.” Are you using an extension after the LIFX power supply - or the AC portion? But that’s not important.

If the AC is removed from the LIFX by timer or by unplugging it, of course the app is going to say it’s off-line. When power is reapplied, it takes a minute or so for the LIFX to reattach to the Wi-Fi, and then for the app to recognize it.

I have two suspicions, first that may have Wi-Fi issues, which might present as this kind of problem. Make sure the LIFX controllers have good connectivity and are not hampered by something such as sitting on top of a refrigerator or other signal sucker. Sometimes with weak Wi-Fi, people put in too many repeaters, thus actually causing more of a radio signal traffic jam than improving the signal. Make sure that is not your problem.

Secondly, if it happens repeatedly, I might suspect a DHCP addressing problem. In this order, unplug any questionable LIFX device, reboot your router, then factory reset each of those LIFX devices to renew it’s IP address.

Good luck!

(Just curious, did you use a keyboard without SHIFT keys?)

lol, i have shift keys, i just don’t use them and usually no periods, commas etc. some places limit the amount of characters you can use. i keep it simple. to explain fully with a bit more clarity first, the extension cord is plugged into the timer. the wires are messy and i will be cleaning them up. there’s only 1 outlet for ac and many low wattage/amp consumption. power supplies for many devices are these big cubes/rectangles that many times fill one outlet and block at least 1 sometimes 2 others. i just bought a surge suppressor with enough space between outlets to fit one power supply comfortably without blocking access to others. i did have a traffic jam disaster with my isp’s equipment. they’ve actually changed the equipment 6 times. i did some research and discovered eye opening facts that even the technicians (if you want to call them that) ignored. too much wifi, bluetooth, cell phones in close proximity. i started moving equipment further apart and away from each other. it seems all these wireless devices operate on radio frequencies that are very close to one another, 2.4, 2.2 etc. sort of like an old analog radio dial, you had to keep making minute increments in adjusting the dial in hopes of getting to the stack of signals that seem to all be coming in at once.
so as i make my own improvements, things are slowly getting better. however, this one beam that lights up each night on the timer has me totally confused as to why when the power is cut by the timer going off, it’s not losing it’s settings with lifx. as i’d said, once the timer comes on, it shows back up as being adjustable on the lifx android app. i’m not sure whether that fact is any clearer but since it works, for now i’m leaving it the way it is. perhaps the timer doesn’t completely cut the power dead. dunno…thought someone at lifx would find this interesting. thank you for reading it. oh, i was having serious issues with my wifi & internet hense the 6 equipment changes and constant loss of wifi & internet signals. but that’s not what this is. still it is interesting.
kevin daly
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