Not able to connect only one of my light

Hi everyone! So have this problem one of my Lifx Z felt off the network, now it won’t even connect. The other light connect smoothly. I have tried every network setting, different names, channels… I have contacted the support, without any much help. When I try to connect it trough my iPhone wifi settings, it says unexpected error occurred, please try again, but then it disappears from my network list. Does not work trough the app either. If I come as far as naming the light, it gives me error that light is not connected, or that Iam not connected to the internet or something. So honestly I don’t know what to do, have restarted it dozens of times… And it still does not make sense for me, as the other light runs smoothly, then I think that the problem is not within the network.
Do you have any clue how this can be fixed, do I need a new adapter?


Are you able to send me a private message with your ticket number and I’ll follow up on it on Tuesday when I’m back at work (is it really “at work” when it’s mandatory work from home? :stuck_out_tongue:)

In the meantime, so I understand correctly, the device is not on your network, you can see it’s SoftAP in the wifi list on your phone but when you try to use the app to connect it to your network, it fails?

@delfick Hi, it pops a message that I cannot send you a private message. :frowning:

that seems odd, I’ll start one with you :slight_smile:

Same issue with multiple Lifx Z. Seems to be the older controllers that have trouble with the WiFi. My roundabout fix was some Z-Wave plugs that reset the offending controllers. At 6 am the Zwave powers off, then on, then I set the LIFX app to turn off the lights a minute later… I know it’s a complicated fix to a simple problem, but the controllers seem to always be sold out.