Not Seeing Bulb In "List All" Response

I installed a new LIFX bulb, added to my iOS application, can control it through the app, but whenever I try to list all bulbs via the API (using the same email "" to create an app token) I keep getting an empty array in the response. I’m following the documentation as described and testing through the provided curl command of:

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer APP_TOKEN” “

My phone, laptop, and bulb are all on the same wi-fi network (there are multiple available if that matters) so I am stumped as to what is happening to not return the bulb.

Pibill, your email address is never used in any of the API’s, from you create your account and then your token, this token is placed into your script.

Did you upgrade your bulbs to V2 firmware at least ?
Did you claim them and add them to your cloud account ?

This is a sample with a valid token
“Authorization: Bearer caf16f0659bc63593016b77bfbc5ba3706c051944ed0f1308d5f51cbf18b3099”

You can test using this page

At the bottom in the try it out there is a green key, add your token in there (the box is hard to find, bottom right hand corner) then in selector ad ‘all’ and try it.

Of you don’t have your long token you have missed the step.

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I think I’m having the same problem— the ‘list-lights’ sample code shows only one of my two bulbs, while the app on my iPhone shows both.

It looks like only one of my bulbs is associated with my cloud account. I can’t find any way to manage the bulbs associated with that account, though.

How do I get both bulbs associated with my cloud account, and thereby available to control via the API?


You can’t add your bulb to the cloud unless it is on V2, the app should give you the option to upgrade the firmware and then to claim your bulb. Just go to the bulb in the app, it should be there.

If you are having particular errors with the API such as not seeing bulbs you expect to, or getting an empty list back from the HTTP API, please feel free to contact Taber (Our amazing customer support representative) and myself at and we can work with you directly. This way we can look into your account details and help you in a more private setting. It also means that I wont accidentally reveal any private information about you to the world.

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Thanks for the replies. I was able to move to a less secured network and the bulb was detected and the API is fully functional. Interestingly, I moved it back to the secured network and it now works there as well. Nothing has changed with either network during this time so I’m still utterly confused as to why it is working now and was not working before.

I am facing this issue now… I upgraded the bulb firmware but was not able to see it in http api, while I was able to control it via mobile app…

Please help me in fixing this…