Not Working - Android App v3.6.4 w/ firmware 1.20

Ever since my android app updated to version 3.6.4 and since I’ve upgraded all bulbs to version 1.20, I’ve noticed that while I have the android app open, all the bulbs will start to drop off of the wi-fi and start blinking red periodically. I’m unable to reliably control the bulbs with the Android App. I have a home automation system (HomeSeer) that talks to the bulbs via the LAN API and I can control them just fine, as long as I don’t have the Android app open. As soon as I open the app, I start seeing random bulbs dropping offline and HomeSeer reports that they go offline. When I quit out of the app, then the bulbs come back online.

I haven’t seen this behavior with the Windows 10 app.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior since upgrading in the last couple of days?

i am not seeing the bulbs at all in Android or IOS Apps. dunno if it is the same issue though.

Hi Techiebuck,

If you go into the Android app and click on the Settings cog, then click on Feedback it will trigger an email to our support site with diagnostics of your lights. If you post the ticket # that you receive on this forum, we’ll review the issue you’re seeing and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Here’s the ticket info.

I’m currently on the latest beta, 3.6.8, but I’m still having the same results. I can’t control any of my LIFX bulbs or Z strips with the Android app either connected locally on the same Wi-Fi or via the cloud. I have no issues controlling the bulbs from the Windows 10 app locally, and from my home automation software (Homeseer HS3) locally via the LAN API, as long as I don’t have the Android app open.

When first opening the Android app, I can see the status of all the bulbs correctly, but after about 8 seconds, they all will randomly start rebooting and are un-controllable.