OAuth refresh token flow required for LIFX?

As far as i know, all access tokens must be refreshed periodically. But i verified the LIFX api docs, but i don’t find any section which explains that. Please help me in understanding the same.


Can someone please answer my question?

Do you mean going into https://cloud.lifx.com/settings and adding a new token?

If that’s the case, I haven’t had to do that. You make the token once, and it should last until you revoke it. At some point they changed from the Basic to Bearer method, but other than that, it’s been stable.

They recommend you change it for security. That’s it.

I’m not asking about that, i’m asking about OAuth access token expiry.

Thanks for the answer boxhead :slight_smile: But my question is how long this access token is valid? and if it will expire probably after one hour i can make use of the refresh_token to renewal and get the new access token. But I didn’t find any docs in this regard in LIFX docs section.

Ok I think that was answered twice.
It does not expire until you cancel the old one and replace it.